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How do I apply for a driving test?

First you need to give  the  power of attorney to a driving school of your choice who will act on your behalf. You can do so by visiting  the website where you can register by using your personal DigiD code.

This can only be done by a licensed driving school. The school will need some personal information: Your date of birth, your address, your BSN number/sofinumber etc. This information is sent to the school by email after you complete your application on the CBR website The driving school shall then use this information to reserve and secure a date for your driving test. When the application process is complete, you shall automatically receive a confirmation by email.

How do I apply for a theory test?

The driving school can do the application on your behalf or you can visit the website and do the application yourself.

The driving school can make the arrangements on your behalf. They will pick and choose the date and time on your behalf. Should you prefer to pick your own date and time, you should register yourself by visiting the website CBR.

Can anyone apply for a  driving test?

You must be 18 years of age, be physically and mentally fit and have no police / justice driving denial.

Of course. You must be at least  eighteen years of age for the moped of course 16 and be mentally and physically fit. You will have to fill in a Dutch document called an ‘eigenverklaring’ in which you will have to answer ten easy questions related to your health. The questions may range from questions pertaining to your eye sight or your ability to move your limps without difficulty. Should you have any health related issues, there is no reason to worry. The CBR will investigate the seriousness  of the issue and find a solution at  no extra cost. It is recommended that you visit the site and look at the questions during your first lesson.

Can foreigners do a test here in the Netherlands?

Yes. Persons from outside the EU who come here to live or work MUST eventually  get a Dutch driving license which also includes taking the theoretical test.

It depends on whether the person already holds a driving licence from an EU member state. Persons who hold a driving licence from an EU member state only need to trade in their foreign drivers licence for a Dutch one. This can be done at the local municipality. All you need is a valid residence permit and you need to be registered for at least 6 months at your local council. Persons who do not hold a driving license from an EU member state have to take the theory exam (it is possible to take it in English as well) and a driving test.

What is a BNOR exam?

BNOR stands for “”Bureau Nader Onderzoek Rijvaardigheid”” or “”Office for Further Research on  Driving skills””. It was previously known as a State Examination.

Can I also take a BNOR exam?

First you have to take a “normal” CBR test. 4 times within five years without passing. Then automatically, you will be directed  to the BNOR exam.

If you were unsuccessful in the CBR test four times within five years, there could be something wrong. This could be an indication of nervousness or your school may not have trained you correctly. In each individual case, the BNOR examiner has more time at his/her disposal to find out the root cause of failure and will conduct another exam in which (s)he tries his/her best to see that you succeed.

How much does a BNOR exam cost?

Click on prices for more information.

Why is a CBR driving test so expensive?

Exam time by car takes 55 minutes. Costs include; CBR charges, car rental fee,  reservation fee, your own health statement and 19% VAT.

I will try to explain. The price for a driving test is comprised of several charges. For example: the year 2010, we have the following:
The CBR charge €93,15. The CBR rates are available at this link:

The Private Statement of health charge €22,90.
Car rental charges during the exam: According to the CBR website, an average driving school charges for about 1.5 hours per exam session.
Reservation costs of approximately € 10: This amount represents the time one uses the computer for the theory/intermediate tests and exam reservations.